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i'm looking for a clue about installing a ATAPI CDROM a ATAPI Syquest
and keeping my driver for my HD!.

This is the current config.
Running on a 486-100 16mb, with a promise 2300+
My HD (a WD540mb) is on the primary controller, as well as the Syquest.
My CD is on second controller as MASTER.
So, the First controller is under EIDE2300.add control
and CDROM is under IBM1S506.add control.

To make work the Syquest I stopped using the Eide2300.

But: using the syquest IBM1s506.add (modified) I lose Speed ont the HD,
and the CDROM access!
Using IBM1S506.aDD (warp standard) I lose removability of the cartdrige
(I can still remove it but no REFRESH on the new cartdrige)
but I can still access the CDROM and lose speed on the HD.

So I am asking why do not firm simply ADD drivers for their hardware instead of modifying standard ones with such consequences??

Oh! I forgot to say that EIDE2300 doesn't support CDROM either and that underr
DOS the Syquest on the secondary controller as slave is not recognized.

(Ps: uninstalling WIN95 removed all my Partitions!!!)

Battista ruffaldi


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