WIN-OS2 Keeps Crashing Warp -Help

WIN-OS2 Keeps Crashing Warp -Help

Post by jeri.. » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00


  I am having a big problem with Windows crashing Warp.  First, here is a
summary of my system components:
        Pentium 133
        32 MB RAM
        Trident PCI 9440 Video (running 1024x768x256)
        Trident AGI OS/2 Video Drivers v1.3(3) 10/13/95
        OS/2 Warp 3 without WIN-OS/2
        Windows 3.11 installed on drive E: (HPFS)
        FixPack 17 installed
  What typically happens is that whenever I run a Fullscreen Windows Session, I
get a system lockup whenever I try to exit back to OS/2 Desktop, or when I try
to leave the Windows session running and just switch back to OS/2 Desktop.  The
lockup gives me a completely black screen with the OS/2 black mouse cursor
stuck on the screen.  Ctrl-ESC does nothing, all I can do is C-A-D to reboot.
This happens about 85% of the time.  However, it rarely happens when running a
windows app (or program manager) in Seamless mode from the Desktop.  I am able
to do this for most of my Windows Apps (WordPerfect 6.1 mainly), but MS Access
2.0 does not run correctly in Seamless mode.  It does not update the screen
correctly.  For example:  If I run Access in Seamless mode, and Maximize it, I
will get the title bar at the top of the screen, and the database window, and
any forms windows, but the rest of the screen (which should be white space from
the parent Access Window) shows my OS/2 Desktop!  This would not be too much of
a problem, except that as I use Access, the child windows (Forms, Tables, etc)
do not update the screen properly so that I am unable to really use it.

  Is this a video driver problem when running seamless?  I did not have this
problem before apply fixpack 17, but I had to install it because of problems
with Warp crashing on my Pentium, and also for an update to allow Warp to use
my Conner IDE 4Gig Tape Drive (ATAPI interface) which required fixpack 10 or
above.  Previously I had a 486/66 with Warp and no fixpacks and everything
worked fine with absolutely NO crashes.

  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  I use Access to do custom databases
and this problem is really giving me a headache.  Thanks

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