Question - WebEx and Proxy?

Question - WebEx and Proxy?

Post by Brad Sandma » Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>2) Do Proxy servers do authentication?  I guess I may need
>to check with our net administrators to ensure I'm still on  
>the list.

I have verified that I can still use the proxy server with  
NetScape under Windows.  That means something is still
broken with WebExplorer under OS/2.

Any ideas?
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Question - WebEx and Proxy?

Post by Brad_E_Sand.. » Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I'm using WebEx 1.01 on top of IBM TCP/IP 2.0 Ethernet.
We have a couple Proxy servers in our company that work
very well.  However, WebEx 1.0 suddenly stopped working --
I kept getting CERN error 403.  So, I thought a file got
messed up or something, and I installed WebEx 1.01.  Now,
everything works fine if I stay on the internal network
WITHOUT using the proxy.  However, if I add in the proxy,
I can't get anywhere on the Web, including internally.
So, two questions...

1) Is there something I should check in my WebEx setup (or
in TCP/IP 2.0) to verify I can still use the proxy.  I am
able to PING it successfully, and my net connection is fine.

2) Do Proxy servers do authentication?  I guess I may need
to check with our net administrators to ensure I'm still on
the list.

Any advice is appreciated.

Brad Sandman


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Problem: Regardless of the URL I use, I can't get past a "Error 403 forbidden by rule. cern httpd3.0."

My Web Explorer server is configured with proxy enabled and proxy address as:


I can ping to internet3 no problem; the system administrator swears that my IP address has been configured in the proxy server (internet3).

If I try and access, the sysad monitors the incoming traffic from my IP address and sees as incoming:

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