DevCon CD 6 LAN Server 40 Prob

DevCon CD 6 LAN Server 40 Prob

Post by lo.. » Sat, 25 Feb 1995 09:54:36

I installed the Lan server 40 from developer cd 6. The install went ok. I reboot, log on (userid,password),
add users and reboot. Lan server refuses to restart: NETLOGON either NET.ACC is corrupted.
I run fixacc as the help suggest. Then NETLOGON no resources error.

What is the story?



1. AMD386DX-40 -> CYRIX486DLC-40 Positive Experience

Data Point:

I purchased a Cyrix 486DLC-40 yesterday for $71 (+ tax) from a chip
merchant.  He handed me a chip made by Texas Instruments marked
TI486DLC/E-40 and a diskette with a hand-written label marked Cyrix
that supposedly contained the cache activation software.

I replaced an AMD 386DX-40 that was installed on a motherboard with AMI
BIOS, 128 K cache, and a math coprocessor.  I'm running OS/2 2.1 as my
OS.  (I have the service pack, but I haven't installed it.)

The first time I re-started my machine, it indicated that the installed
CPU was a 486, a math coprocessor is present, and I have a 128 K cache.
 OS/2 booted faster and everything works --- faster.  AmiPro updates
the screen faster, DOOM (1.1) plays faster, MS Flight Simulator 5.0 is
faster,  X Wing is faster.  Etc. etc. etc.  No problems so far for
everything I've tested.

Now, how can I tell if the cache is actually enabled.  I've read that
the cache actually works even if it's not enabled, but that it works
better (improved hit/miss ratio) if it is enabled.  Is the fact that
the BIOS recognizes the chip as a 486 enough to tell me that the cache
is enabled?  When I try running the programs that came on the disk
under OS/2, it complains.  I've read that the DRx^2 comes with OS/2
software to enable the cache.  The same software should work for the
DLC.  I heard that there might be an FTP site for Cyrix software.  If
there is, could someone e-mail me the address?

The diskette came with programs named M5.EXE, DO_CACHE.EXE,
file only contains information on M5.EXE, DO_CACHE.EXE, and
NO_CACHE.EXE.  M5 is supposed to give you interactive control over the
M5 cache, whatever that is.  DO_CACHE can be installed in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file to activate the M5 cache and NO_CACHE.EXE can
deactivate it.  The TURBO*.COM files aren't mentioned.  None of them
work under OS/2 because OS/2 doesn't let anything mess with the
operating mode of the CPU.'s working well, but if I'd like to make sure it's working as
well as it can.  If there's some software out there to let me control
the cache under OS/2, I would like to find out how to get it.


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