Question on partitioning in OS/2

Question on partitioning in OS/2

Post by Henry » Mon, 11 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi every body,
   I am a new comer to OS/2 and I have heard about its boot manager. Now
I have a quantum harddisk and I want the FDISK of OS/2 to create
partition in order to use both WIN95 and OS/2. But since I am using a
motherboard of Vesa Local Bus and to run the harddisk with 850MB, it
required me to use a software driver. ie, I have to partition the
harddisk using a special floppy provided by the harddisk manufacturer.
Then how can I use the FDISK of OS/2 to partition my harddisk? Thank you
very much!



1. Win Plug-ins question

Unfortunately it still doesn't work here.. :(

Contents of f:\os2\mdos\winos2\netscape.ini:


Install Directory=F:\Netscape\Comm404\Program\Win16


***Contents of F:\Netscape\Comm404\Program\Win16:

Directory of F:\Netscape\Comm404\Program\Win16

 8-22-98   7:49p     <DIR>           0  .
 8-22-98   7:49p     <DIR>           0  ..
 8-22-98   7:49p     <DIR>           0  Plugins
        3 file(s)          0 bytes used
                   346236928 bytes free

***Contents of F:\Netscape\Comm404\Program\Win16\Plugins:

Directory of F:\Netscape\Comm404\Program\Win16\Plugins

 8-22-98   7:49p     <DIR>           0  .
 8-22-98   7:49p     <DIR>           0  ..
11-22-97   8:47p     22720         199  Npra16.dll
        3 file(s)      22720 bytes used
                   346223616 bytes free

However, no entry for RealAudio (npra16.dll) appears in the Communicator
plugins list.

Is winplug.reg still required as it was with Navigator 2.02? I had assumed
not for some reason, but even if it is, I've tried using a winplug.reg in the
PROGRAM directory, in the base Communicator directory, in the WIN16
directory, and in the PLUGINS directory - all no go.

Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin pack once or twice to
double-check I had Win16 support enabled. No go.

Any ideas?


Ryan Dill

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