ftp-os2(hobbes) downtime

ftp-os2(hobbes) downtime

Post by Dave Roc » Thu, 18 Mar 1993 04:57:36

        ftp-os2(hobbes) will be down 12-2pm MST on Thursday, 3/18/93, for a
        short move to a better place on our net. There should be no other

1. ftp-os2(hobbes) downtime

        ftp-os2(hobbes) is again failing because of network loading
        problems. NMSU was ranked 29th in the entire nation for traffic over
        the NSF backbone in December and I think ftp-os2 was a significant
        contributor to that. I am trying to get data to confirm that. So we
        are going to take ftp-os2 down 9am to 5pm MST, 2/24/93 to upgrade
        the OS to NeXTstep 3.0. There are supposed to be fixes in that
        upgrade for our problem. Please plan your access appropriately.

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