DevCon CD

DevCon CD

Post by Klaus Gu » Fri, 15 Oct 1993 04:43:06


does anyone know where i can get the DevCon CD. Is there a distributor
in Germany?

Thanx in advance.

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DevCon CD

Post by Peter Skov Knuds » Sat, 16 Oct 1993 00:04:36

>does anyone know where i can get the DevCon CD. Is there a distributor
>in Germany?
>Thanx in advance.
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The following is taken from the announcement of the devcon CD and
should answer your question:

--stuff deleted

 Ordering Information
 During the promotional period (8/24/93 through 11/30/93),
 an annual subscription to the Developer Connection for OS/2 is $149.00
 ($49.00 for an additional license).  After 11/30/93 the price for an
 annual subscription will be $199.00 ($75.00 for an additional license).

 The price of an annual subscription for members of the U.S.
 Commercial/Premier Services of the IBM Developer's Assistance Program is
 $119.00 ($45 for an additional license).

 If you live in the United States, Canada, or Asia Pacific, call the
 appropriate number listed below.  Asia/Pacific countries must ensure
 that you dial the international access code applicable to your country
 before the listed phone number.  Note that 61 is the country code for

           Geography       Call:
           ---------       -----
           United States   1-800-6-DEVCON
           Canada          1-800-561-5293
           Asia/Pacific    61-2-354-7684

 If you live in Europe, this product can be ordered from IBM
 SPC Direct in Denmark.  Operators speaking the languages
 below are available.  Please ensure that you dial the
 international access code applicable to your country before
 the listed phone number(s).  Note that 45 is the country
 code for Denmark.

           Language        Call:
           ---------       -----
           English         45-3-252-6588
           French          45-3-252-7411
           German          45-3-252-6711
           Italian         45-3-252-7622
           Dutch           45-3-252-7088
           Spanish         45-3-252-6311

-- stuff deleted

This should be all the info you'll need.



1. Are the DevCon CD's worth anything?

I am currently writing an OS/2 game.  I've already got the full-screen
graphics engine written.  A demo will be released shortly for alpha
testing purposes.  However, I have no support for audio yet.  I would
like to use the Dart routines since I've seen several others put out
full-screen stuff that uses them.

1 - Does DevCon come with source and/or libs for audio that is
available for commercial use?
2 - Are the items royality free?
3 - I've heard Digital Music and Sound Interface for OS/2 is on DevCon
9 and 10.  Is this royality free or for demo purposes?
4 - Would you feel it's worth it, in your opinion, for resources in
creating games?

Thanks a lot for any help.  Getting info out of IBM has been like
pulling teeth.  They only really wanted my card numbers heard, but
that's sales people for ya'.. :)

Bel, the mostly sane..
(Note: I don't usually respond to Email.)

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