Please help Lan Distance over Lan Server 3.0

Please help Lan Distance over Lan Server 3.0

Post by Kai Uwe Romm » Mon, 24 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>Our system are configured as following:

>1. OS/2 operating system 2.1(server machine) and 3.0(client machine)
>2. IBM OS/2 LAN Server/Client 3.0
>3. IBM LAN Distance Server(8 port for OS/2) 1.1
>4. IBM LAN Client 1.1
>5. Adapter card(for both server machine and client machine)
>    3COM EtherLink III

>The problem is:
>    Can we use the 3COM EtherLink III as the adapter card when use
>LAN Distance Server/Client software?

I have already used the EtherLink III with LAN Distance. Make sure you
use the 2.01 ELNK3.OS2 or the 3.0 one included on the current 3COM
EtherDisk for that card.

Kai Uwe Rommel

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1. Please help Lan Distance over Lan Server 3.0


I have heard that the Etherlink III cards do not run in promiscuous mode.
You will have to get a different adapter.  I think that some of the
older 3com cards will run in promiscuous mode, and the IBM adapters will
too.  I am sure that IBM has a list of supported adapters, but I do not
know where to look for it...

Robert Floyd

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