Rexx: "Logic Error: No Startup Image"

Rexx: "Logic Error: No Startup Image"

Post by Thor Johnso » Tue, 25 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I seem to have broken my Rexx (again!); every time I try to use slip w/dialer
I get this message when the rexx dial script begins..

Also, none of my Vx-rexx programs will run...They just pop up a DrRexx
dialog, and the entire program seems to scroll by (FtpMon).



                Thor Johnson

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1. Logic error: no startup image with Object Rexx

In case it hits somebody else...
This took me quite some time to find out:
A pgm with DosExecPgm starting a REXX procedure (cmd /c start
"pgmname" /c rexxproc.cmd) alwyas worked properly until, as I found
out later,
Classic Rexx was switched to Object Rexx.  Debugging with an embedded
"1>out" revealed a  "Logic error: no startup image" message.
To keep this story short: in Bernd Schemmers Rexx Tips & Tricks
(RXTT30.INF) I found his note about this bug. He points out that part
of WPS never finishes for Object Rexx.  
Cure is to run "wpsinst.cmd +" as a pgm object in the startup folder
the system.
Johan van der Houwen.
Arnhem, Netherlands.

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