division by zero in ibmworks

division by zero in ibmworks

Post by h.. » Thu, 30 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have a problem getting IBMWORKS to install on my system..
When I install it and try to access the word processor, it crashes with an error
division by zero or something similiar.. its error #3184... I had this installed
before  and it worked but now it won't work after i reinstall.. i've tried
different directories and just can't get it to install correctly..

1. WebExplorer crashes on "division by zero"

I'm using v1.03b of WebExplorer under Warp Connect.

1. Invoke WebExplorer.
2. Click on "Configure", and click on "Loading".
   Disable "preview document" and disable "display images while loading".
3. Load  http://WWW.ATT.COM
4. Move pointer to "Try out the first Web service from AT&T Business Network".
   (URL is: http://www.leadstory.com)
5. Click on it.
6. Observe the "SYS3184' (A program caused an integer divide by zero exception)
7. Sigh!

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