OS/2 and Plus Hardcard II XL?

OS/2 and Plus Hardcard II XL?

Post by Shaun Burne » Sat, 23 May 1992 06:53:00

        I'm thinking about getting OS/2, and I currently load a driver
        under DOS to access my Plus Hardcard.

        Does OS/2 support the Hardcard, or do I have to write Plus?
        There's currently a procedure listed for using the Hardcard
        with OS/2, but that's for OS/2 1.0 and I'm sure it's probably
        not compatible.

Shaun Burnett


1. Anyone got Plus Hardcard II XL to work?

I am using the IBMINT13.I13 driver, and with it I can read
my Hardcard, but I can't write to it.  I get an error saying
that the drive door isn't closed.  Has anyone gotten their
Hardcard to work completely under OS/2?

Carl Cotner

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