Lost desktop problem also solved- at least my lost desktops

Lost desktop problem also solved- at least my lost desktops

Post by Glenn Strazd » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 11:04:48

Hi there:

If you lose your desktop with a stack error reported

And you left a large file or a bunch of files on the desktop adding up
to  a large enough size to to cause the stack error to show up

Solved by booting to a command prompt copying the files off the desktop
then deleting files off the desktop

Your desktop will then come back

Sincerely Glenn Strazds


1. Lost desktop, recovered but got problems.

Request for help and advice...

Last night, I attempted to clean my os2.ini file to remove the garbage put
there by software which I've tried and discarded. On rebooting, I was
greeted by a message saying that the system couldn't find the desktop so I
set the DESKTOP variable in config.sys, rebooted and everything appeared
to be fine apart from some icon repositioning on the desktop.

However, wondering what I'd done wrong, I compared os2.ini with an old
archived copy and noticed that the WP_DESKTOP keyword under
PM_Workplace:Location was present in the old one but missing from the
current one. I also noticed that the "OS/2 Warp" button on the left side
of Warpcenter no longer lists the contents of the desktop and Xfolder can
no longer create a startup folder on the desktop.

I've tried copying the WP_DESKTOP keyword from an old os2.ini to os2.ini
in x:\os2, but on reboot it's gone again.

If anybody could shed some light on how to fix os2.ini, or the Warpcenter
"OS/2 Warp" button, or explain why I need 'SET DESKTOP=E:\DESKTOP" in
config.sys when I've never needed it before, it would be appreciated.



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PS - Running Warp 4 + FP6 (UK)

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