Warning ** Headland/Video 7 Drivers

Warning ** Headland/Video 7 Drivers

Post by Alan McAdo » Tue, 02 Jun 1992 21:00:01

I followed the installation instructions from Headland (their BBS) to
install the 800x600x16 SVGA driver for OS/2 v2.0. This procedure, which
involves replacing DISPLAY.DLL by Headlands own driver for OS/2 v1.2,
corrupted my HPFS extended partition. The result was that I had to re-install
OS/2. Warning - do NOT try to use Headlands/Video 7 OS/2 1.2 drivers for
OS/2 v2.0.

Headland BBS predicts that the Video 7 SVGA drivers for OS/2 v2.0 will be
ready in (about) 4 months. - However, I now have NO CONFIDENCE in Headland
so I will purchase another video board, probably an ATI Graphics Vantage.

Standard Disclaimer etc.


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Trevor Lampre

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