I messed up my light table folders

I messed up my light table folders

Post by easy.. » Sat, 10 May 1997 04:00:00

I accidentally deinstalled light table class, I think. What's the easiest way
get it back?

Tim Moose


1. Light Table folder problems

I love the Multimedia Light Table folders included with Warp.  But I seem
to have a problem with mine.  They worked for a while, mostly, but would
occasionally cause the WPS to crash.  When I opened it, the disk would
thrash incessantly until the WPS went down and reloaded.  I surmised that
this might have been due to the a bug in the Light Table code that causes
a crash when creating a thimbnail for a corupt image.

But lately, every time I try to open any Light Table object, the disk
goes nuts, the system slows to a crawl (preventing me from doing anything
else), and after a few minutes, the WPS goes down in flames.  Of course,
background tasks continue to run and when the WPS comes back up,
everything is fine (although all my open folders are closed and the Light
Table is closed).

Is this a known Light Table bug?  Is there a fix?  Is it video driver
related?  (I have Cirrus 543x PCI video with the latest drivers from the
Cirrus BBS).


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