OS/2 Monthly: A short review of the magazine

OS/2 Monthly: A short review of the magazine

Post by Turgut Kalfaogl » Fri, 07 Feb 1992 22:43:49

I just received in the mail the first issue of "The OS/2 Monthly, the
Independent Guide to OS/2 Computing." Published by JDS Publishing by
Joel Siragher, editor: Brett Kotch and Design&layout by Mike Trutt.
The cover says "OS/2 2.0: The Modern Day Phoenix", and has a picture of
the phoenix.

   * Watching OS/2 by Bert Moshier: Contains Bert's views on IBM and its
     marketing scheme for OS/2, along with suggestions for improvement.

   * Review: TAPCIS/PM: Compuserve Access Under the Presentation Manager
     by Scott McGrath: He reviews this software package.

   * Going for EISA by Fabian Pascal: A description of his upgrade to
     a 486 EISA motherboard, while staying OS/2 compatible.

   * Programming OS/2 Presentation Manager by Les Bell: Les makes a very
     useful introduction to programming for PM, and goes step by step
     towards building a PM program that displays "Hello, World!" when

   * Programming the PM: Writing Your Own Controls by Guy Sharf: This is
     the second introductory article, focusing on "Subclassing",
     creating a custom control, and is followed by two pages of listings.

   * Extended Run-Time Debugging Under OS/2 Presentation Manager by Mark
     Walsh: He provides very useful hints on using DosPTrace,
     WinGetLastError, and other calls to debug PM programs. Extensive
     listings are also provided.

   * OS/2 PM Idioms in C: Better Programs Through Fluency by Mark Florence:
     He talks about all methods of memory allocation, and about such
     functions like WinQueryTaskTitle, WinGetErrorInfo.

   * OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions 1.9b by Timothy Sipples: This is a
     printed copy of the file you must have all read by now.

   * Accessing I/O Ports Under OS/2 Protected Mode by Donna Campanella:
     This article describes how to use "outp" without generating access
     violations under OS/2. Includes listing,module definition file and
     commands for compile and link.

   * End Game by Doug Hamilton: He talks about OS/2 development, the
     workplace shell, VDMs, and he concludes that LA is the most stable
     and reliable beta that IBM has released.

Like many other magazines, all reviews and mention of products are
summerised at the end of the article in a 'product information' box.

There are quite a few ads on OS/2 products such as Describe 3.0, DD2'Dbug,
Opt-Tech Sort,Van Nostrand Reinhold publishing. 42 pages, B&W excluding
the cover pages. Subscription: $36 for first-class mail within USA.

Mailing address: JDS Publishing, P.O. Box 4351, Highland Pk, NJ 08904.
Phone: (908)985-8358.

What I think of it? I love it! I am glad to see such interesting articles
and to have a decent OS/2 magazine.

Regards, -turgut

Disclaimer: Not related in any way to IBM, Microsoft, or to OS/2 Monthly.


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