Anyone still have the GRADD .79 .dsk file?

Anyone still have the GRADD .79 .dsk file?

Post by Brad BARCL » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

>Subject repeats here. Please email, or post, if you have the file, and we can
>work out a method to get it from you to me.

>The reason I need this is when I tried the SciTech Beta drivers, nothing
>happened. So I reset to VGA thinking that might help, but gatest still did
>nothing. So I went to reinstall GRADD, but only had .77! And apparently,
>there is some problem with ATIGRADD .77 and videopmi.dll, so I desperately
>need GRADD .79!

>Thanks in advance! :)

     Since I've had a large number of requests for this file, I'm going to
post it to my web server for download.  The following link is where it will




From the OS/2 WARP v4 Desktop of Brad BARCLAY.

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