IAK TCPIP Problem w/ PM Apps

IAK TCPIP Problem w/ PM Apps

Post by mille.. » Mon, 24 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Does ANYONE know why my PM apps (FTP-PM, TELNET-PM, WebExplorer,
NewsReader/2, Neologic NetSuite 2.1) CANNOT find Named sites ???
(like www.yahoo.com or hobbes.nmsu.edu)??????????

If I use the command-line versions (ftp.exe, telnet.exe, ping.exe) it works.
If I use IP addresses, it works.
If I use NetSuite 1.1, it works.
If I use Windows programs (like Mosaic or Netscape), it works.

I have a ZOOM 28.8 V.34 on COM2, using SIO 1.45, PPP,
The setup string I use is AT&F,
I have set "SET HOSTNAME=sccsicom" (my host name without '.') in

My internet Service provider says all configuration (like MRU and VJ
Compression) is negotiated through PPP.

I don't know where to e-mail IBM for information.

Any useful suggestion would be helpful.



IAK TCPIP Problem w/ PM Apps

Post by John Reinho » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00

> My internet Service provider says all configuration (like MRU and VJ
> Compression) is negotiated through PPP.

they are wrong.
I could not get mine to connect reliably without the coorect MRU
but VJ compression might be different.

Look in your TCPIP/ETC dir to see if there is a file called resolv
That holds your nameserver.

Also, make sure the nameserver in your pmdialer is correct.


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