Print Shop Deluxe for Windows won't print landscape

Print Shop Deluxe for Windows won't print landscape

Post by Pete Bab » Fri, 26 Mar 1993 13:36:46

I have the Dec. 2.1 beta installed with the HP Laserjet IID PCL driver. Print
Shop for Windows will print ok in portrait but when a landscape document is
printed all the graphics come out garbled. Has anyone used this with OS/2
and can you tell me how to get it to work properly?


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1. os/2 equivalent for print shop deluxe??


Since upgrading to warp, I have experienced problems printing
certain cards and banners with print shop deluxe for windows.  The
format and text for cards which include an image spanning the inside
two pages seems particularly garbled when printed, even though they
look ok on screen.  I am printing to an hp 550c printer and have
found that switching to the old hp driver doesn't help.

Since this is one of my last windows mainstays, I would like to
replace it with an os/2 equivalent application.  So, my questions are

 o does such a replacement application exist that's a native os/2 app?

 o is anyone working on such an application? (I bet it would be very popular)

 o has anyone else experienced a similar problem with psdwin and ,hopefully,
   found a workaround?

 o has anyone tried printmaster or other competing apps in a warp environment?

Any answers or additional info would be greatly appreciated.


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