Program for Ansi pictures?

Program for Ansi pictures?

Post by Charles J. Lesl » Tue, 06 Jul 1993 12:35:59

Hi,  I'm expermenting with Ansi.sys and  would like to
know of a program that will let me draw pictures for my
soon to be BBS.  I'm looking for something that will run
under OS/2 2.1   Any advice is helpful.

If OS/2 does have one - I'll accept a DOS version.



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1. Extended ANSI vs Strict ANSI ?

Hi all;

I am porting some OS-9 V2.2 code to V3.0.  I have just recently
added all of the ANSI prototypes and compiled using Fastrack on
my PC and Extended ANSI mode.  Can anyone tell me the difference
between compiling in Extended ANSI vs. Strict ANSI?

Also, I noticed that the compiler does not complain about functions
that DO NOT have prototypes.  Is there any way to turn this type
of checking on?

Thanks, in advance.

Mike Killian


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