Printer queue changes?

Printer queue changes?

Post by Samantha Star Str » Wed, 30 Nov 1994 04:18:39

Was the way the printer queue works changed in Warp.  
I have a program that dosen't do a 'close printer' until the end of the
program.  In OS/2.1 printing would start as soon as the programs started sending
stuff to the printer.  Now it seems to wait until the close printer
command is given.  And Yes I have 'print while spooling' selected.
Can anyone confirm that something has changed.

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1. Changing input queue size ???

   I recently installed FP26 on my OS/2 3.0 machine and added the
PM_ASYNCH... thing to my config.sys. Ialso remeber reading that some
fixpack added an option to change the input queue size. Is it in fixpack
26 and if so, what's the statement to do so ?

   BTW, is there others config.sys statements (such as above) that were
added with newer fixpacks (above FP10) ?

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