Help - Can't Install (Re-Install) Warp

Help - Can't Install (Re-Install) Warp

Post by Robert F. Solom » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Here's what I had that worked well
        Drive 0 - Seagate 1144a - 125 Meg
                Boot Manger     1M
        C:      DOS             10M     Primary FAT
        D:      OS2             80M     Logical FAT
        E:      Swap            34M     Logical FAT
        Drive 1 - Maxtor 7345 - 345 Meg
        F:      Applications    345M    Logical FAT

Here's what I want:

        Drive 0 - Western Digital 2850 - 850 Meg
                Boot Manager     1M
        C:      DOS/Win         50M     Primary FAT
        D:      DOS/Win Apps    210M    Logical FAT
        E:      OS2             120M    Logical HPFS
        F:      OS2 Apps        380M    Logical HPFS
        G:      OS2 Swap        53M     Logical HPFS
        Drive 1 - Maxtor 7345 - 345 Meg
        H:      DOS Games/Other Opsys   345M    Logical HPFS

Right now, I'd settle for anything. I spent all of last night trying to
install Warp with no success.

First of all, I can address the entire 850 meg Drive. I have a BIOS
extender (DTC 1181) which allowed me to format the C drive as one 814 Meg (
I know, 814 Megs equals 850 million bytes) partition and do a DOS sys on it
 (DOS 6.0). It boots up.

I'm installing Warp from CD and did so before. I booted from the
installation disks and setup FDISK partitioning just like it says in the
manual. When I reach the point where I am supposed to boot from the DOS
install disks, I boot from a DOS floppy, format C: and then do a sys to
install a rudimentary operating system.

I then reboot from the OS2 install disks and change the OS2 partition to
installable. It then lets me format E the OS2 partitions as HPFS and then
proceeds through an installation which is supposed to be the first 6 disks.

When it reboots, it quits by saying it can't find the operating system. If
I try to reboot, it comes up with the boot manager menu with only the DOS
partition listed. If you select it, it says that the partition is not

I have tried every conceivable combination to try and get it to work. I
even tried putting on only a DOS and OS2 partition with the same result.

I know that the setup of the DOS system is supposed to use the DOS
installation disks, but that doesn't work. It wants to re-partition the
entire drive.

What am I missing here? I desperately need some guidance.

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1. HELP - Can't Install (Re-Install) Warp

 OS/2 prompt, run FDISK, then add the OS/2 partition to the Boot Manager menu. Reboot from the hard drive and you should be in busin=
ess again.

I did that and still no luck. I suspect something is wrong with the boot manager
installation. I"m working from copies, and maybe They got hosed.

I'll try from the originals (or make new copies).

The exact message I get right after the re-boot following disk 6 is
    Operating System Missing, System halted.

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