Lost My Windows Apps!

Lost My Windows Apps!

Post by Robert Ca » Thu, 20 Feb 1992 09:01:19

Somehow I ended up with two Windows Programs icons on my desktop and
wanted to get rid of one.  I drug it to the shredder and dropped it.
It asked me one by one about everything in it and of course I said
yes.  After the last one both icons went away!  No more Windows Programs.
How do I get ONE back?

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1. Seamless feature lost to Windows apps

Since pulling the plug on Netscape Beta 2, I have lost ability to run Windows apps on the desktop
(Warp 3.0 Fixpak 22 level).  They cross-hatch momentarily and then quit without coming close
to opening.  SEAMLESS.DLL is in place.  I can open Program Manager and run them from there
or from a Full-Screen Win-OS/2 session, but even then they hesitate and sometimes lock up OS/2

I have the dreaded Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM with S3 drivers version 1.02 installed at 1024x768x64K.
 I have tried reinstalling them, I have reinstalled Win-os2, I have fixed the syslevel at 3001
(Warp w/ Win-os2), but still no seamless apps.  This display is part of a Pentium 90 with 32MB

When this happened before, I eventually reinstalled OS/2, but I sure would like to avoid that
unless absolutely necessary.

I have just installed the release version of Netscape and nothing's changed (except the addition
of Netscape, of course <G>).

Anybody got ideas?  Is the culprit the S3's (I suspect).  I'm thinking of laying out the cash
for another video card, as Diamond is unreachable, probably won't support OS/2 anyway, and
posts only the same ol' lame drivers since 1994.  I've seen the new S3 drivers, but I'm not
optimistic about their appropriateness for this card.


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