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   Is there such a thing as pthreads in OS/2?


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Quote:>   Is there such a thing as pthreads in OS/2?

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    pthreads is supposed to be about multitasking is it not?



> >   Is there such a thing as pthreads in OS/2?

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>    pthreads is supposed to be about multitasking is it not?


but was there a contradiction to the previous posting?

Alexander Mai


1. solaris 2.5 pthreads vs. pthreads

Is it known whether Sun's pthread implementation adheres to the standard?

Specifically, I am trying to port the public domain DCE RPC stuff to
solaris.  It is based on
an implementation of pthreads that seems to be a little different.  In most
cases it is
merely a matter of passing pointers rather than values, or passing a
parameter rather
than getting a value through the return.

But, there are two points where I'm not sure if I am porting this

First, the code has a call to
        int pthread_setasynccancel(int state)

Which doesn't seem to exist under solaris.  There is, though a

        int pthread_setcancelstate(int newsate, int * oldstate)

The problem is that I don't see that the type is set to

So, is the solution to take a call that was

        oldstate = pthread_setasynccancel(newstate);

and make it

        retval = pthread_setcancelstate(newstate, &oldstate);

or is it

        retval = pthread_setcanceltype(PTHREAD_CANCEL_ASYNCHRONOUS, &oldtype);
        retval = pthread_setcancelstate(newstate /* like PTHREAD_CANCEL_ENABLED
*/, &oldstate);


The second thing is related.  The code has a call to

        int pthread_setcancel(state);   /* which seems to be for non-asynchronous
cancels */

Again, solaris has no direct equivalent.  So, does

        oldstate = pthread_setcancel(state);


        retval = pthread_setcancelstate(newstate, &oldstate);


        retval = pthread_setcanceltype(PTHREAD_CANCEL_DEFFERED, &oldtype);
        retval = pthread_setcancelstate(newstate, &oldstate);

Any ideas?


+ Brennan HIldebrand
+ Senior Architect
+ CoSite, Inc


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