STP Powergraph w/ S3 chip

STP Powergraph w/ S3 chip

Post by Jim Tom Pol » Sat, 01 Jan 1994 13:43:04

I am helping a friend install os/2 for windows on his system.  He has
STP Powergraph with an S3 chip on it, and we are trying to get a
higher resolution and more performance.  We tried to install the
drivers that we got off of, and the thing just completely
mudged with the MAG monitor.  Had real fun geting it back to normal.
        For some reason, when I looked at the install package that
I got, I discovered that the dspinstal.exe was from 92 while most
all of the *.dsp files and the like were from 93...what gives.

        Any help would be appreciated in my helping him get his
video up and going at a proper resolution (has a 15 inch monitor).

        I've sold him on os/2, now we need to get it to work.



1. Random dots with STB Powergraph X24 (S3 801)

I've installed an STB Powergraph X24 (S3 801) on my ISA machine and have
been getting random (kinda) pixels painted on my screen..
I'm using the STB OS/2 2.1 drivers (dated May/June 93) from the STB BBS,
int 800x600x256 mode..  (I tried the STB drivers from which
were incomplete.)

My setup:

OS/2 2.1 (from cdrom) on a
486/33 (256K cache) 16Meg RAM
213Meg IDE on generic super I/O controller (2IDE,2FD,2S,1P,1G)
PAS16 running MMPM/2 (DMA 5, IRQ 10) and SB emulation (DMA 1, IRQ 5)
Toshiba cdrom 3401
Zoom V.32bis modem on COM2
Serial mouse on COM1

I've made sure COM4 (2E8) was not being used (as per the STB manual)

The dots appear mostly when you move a window.. As you move the position box
when you move a window, they appear almost as "droppings"..  They also
appear in the text of OS/2 and DOS command line windows..

I also just notice that they "flash" on the screen when I move click the
mouse.  This also happens if I dir a "dir" in an OS/2 window with no
movement of the mouse, though movement of the mosue makes it worse.
The dots also seem to appear in "blocks" on the desktop, about 1/4 of the
way from each corner.  Some other smaller blocks of dots appear in assorted
places too.

All this seems to be just cosmetic, though.. doing a Refresh from the pop-up
menu or doing a CLS in the command window fixes it..

I did not notice any of this when using the plain VGA drivers shipped
with OS/2 2.1.
Has anyone experienced this?  I haven't tried the new s3_16 drivers yet.
The readme file does not mention any STB product, but I may give it a try

I'd appreciate any help.. A friend loaned this to me to try (I'd been using
a generic ET4000) and love the speed.. just not the screen garbage.. and
would like to make it a permanent addition to my system.

Any input is more than welcome.
Jim Quinlan

Jim Quinlan               *     "Don't tell me you can make a bomb

                          *           "Why, you got some?"  --  MacGyver

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