Comdex Canada and IBM

Comdex Canada and IBM

Post by nicq.. » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

  Anyone know why IBM/Lotus didn't show at Comdex Canada this year
(No stupid OS/2 is dead comments please...)..?



1. IBM Nowhere to be found at Comdex Canada 97

Hi Folks..

Just returned from Comdex Canada/97 and needless to say I didn't see
an OS/2 product anywhere. I didn't even see IBM, Lotus or Apple, and
they wonder why Microsloth is killing them in the home market and NT
is doing so well?

It would have been nice to have them showing off Warp Server SMP and
ICS or the GoServer or even Domino flying along on a nice milti-CPU
machine and have a pile of their Network Computers around for people
to try out. Even demos of Java apps running in this scenario and on
stand-alone Warp machines would have drawn huge crowds since most of
the hype around languages is now Java based.

Anyone have any suggestion on who I could contact via snail mail to
express my disappointment?


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