DOS compatibility

DOS compatibility

Post by EA » Sat, 03 Nov 1990 23:26:42

The standard Format command should produce FAT system diskettes which can
be read by DOS (I do it all the time.)

It is likely that she is using a different density on the diskette, like
using High Density recording on a 720k disk or some mismatch like that
which your computer doesn't like.


1. OS/2 DOS Compatibility

I've been reading about shortcomings that OS/2 has in running DOS apps. What
I would like to know is, which DOS apps can OS/2 NOT run? I've tried a
bunch myself, and haven't found a SINGLE THING that won't run under OS/2.

I'd like to know what will break OS/2. I certainly haven't found anything!

I will say, however, that there are a couple of minor problems with the
service pak. I have seen a couple of buglets where WPS objects don't hold
their attributes (I can't seem to change the color of shadow text) but
on the whole, crashes are EXTREMELY rare. As a matter of fact, I haven't
crashed the service pak yet - not once. A nice improvement over the GA release.
The biggest stumbling blocks I can see are in video driver support and the
lack of applications. And IBM is taking care of this, supposedly. I have my
fingers crossed.

There has been one aspect of NT that I've read about that I can see as a clear
advantage over OS/2 - this is the server/client model of GUI implementation. I
have written a couple of X Window apps and can say that the built-in network-
ability is something that both OS/2 and Windows 3.1 are simply missing. Kudos
to Microsoft to having a little foresight.

Of course, TODAY, I have to use OS/2. It's available, it's reliable, and the
functionality is fantastic (you never really undertand how bad the Program
Manager is until you've used the OS/2 Workplace Shell for a while). Give me an
NT with:
        Near flawless DOS compatibility (Like I've experienced OS/2 to be)
        A good GUI (again, the OS/2 WPS)
        Good performance with 8 meg (OS/2 wins here but still isn't quite good
and maybe I'll consider it. I'll use the product that makes me the most productive.

*       Glenn Wasserman - Rutgers University - Computer Science         *


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