Post by Chri » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I've got a problem with TCPIP 3.0 (Warp Connect). Problem: can't get files
from some sites by WebExplorer 103. Nor by ftp. I get only a few thousand
bytes in five minutes and then time out. I notice generally slow response on
other Web functions. And trouble even getting directory information from some

Now for the funny part. I have an identical installation on my notebook. And
no such problems. And I have IBM Internet Connection on both machines -- same
setup. Problems on the desktop. None on the notebook. But it is not the
desktop modem. I have a v.34 and an IBM WaveRunner (ISDN) on the desktop.
Same problem with both on the internet. But no problems with either on nrmal
terminal applications. And the ISDN connection is through a local provider.
The v.34 through IBM. Same problem through both. But no problems through my
v.34 modem on my notebook. In fact, I get better Explorer speeds at v.34 on
the notebook than via ISDN on the desktop.

It looks like something's going on with the TCPIP installation, itself. Any