NS 4.40 Beta some icons lost

NS 4.40 Beta some icons lost

Post by Joe Hunte » Sat, 12 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I the original beta release, when I insert an image into a message, I
get a window with a row of icons showing the various ways text can flow
around the image.      Yet when I installed the 8/21 release, the icons
became blank.  They are still there, but you can't see the
representation of how the text will be handled.

Joe Hunter


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Recently installed Warp 4.0 [base and now fp10].  I am running Warp 3/fp38
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When I try to start Netscape 4.04 in Warp 4 [either base or now fp10], I
get an error


Program works from Warp 3.

Any ideas?


Paul Schwartz



pgp public key sent on request

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