News Icon for Netscape - How?

News Icon for Netscape - How?

Post by Zak » Mon, 23 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I'd like to have an icon which starts Netscape's newsreader.  OK -- I
read the docs and actually I already have that, by creating a program
icon which calls Netscape with the -news command line parameter.  The
problem is that a Netscape browser is started up as well as the news.
How to only get the news?

I'm sure it's something stupid which I have missed.  Please inform me of
the nature of my ignorance.


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Hello Warpers and Warpettes,
Using NR 1.09, I have several "News.*" files in my directories. The
newsgroup file is corrupt; I see the first 40 or so groups and then it
shows the same one over and over and over and over..... Looking in my
directories I have the following:



Under the netcom directory I have several news.* files:



I realize I messed up and updated the group listing several times and
the netcom directory is probably where the first 3 files should reside. My
question is this: Should I delete all of the files except the NR2.ini and
rebuild the NewsGroups or will this cause more problems? What would
you do?

Gary Farr

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