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Could someone post some sample SLIP.CFG files, or point me to a site that has information on them.

John Ryan



1. Help: Sample slip.cfg file

Hello warpers,

I have just installed OS/2 Warp on my home computer and i'm trying to
connect to my companies Xyplex annex, using SlipPM. But it doesn't
work (jet).

I have tried to rewrite the sample connect script in the /tcpip/bin
directory. When i run it in SlipPM, it compains about some error in
the REXX script, unfortunately i cannot read the error message, the
message window isn't wide enough. When I try
'slip.exe -connect ericsson.cmd ....',
slip complains about a missing slip.cfg file. Could anyone of you
send me a sample slip.cfg file? An short explanation of how I should
use slip.exe to connect to the net would be real helpful too, I'm
just about blank on OS/2.

best regards,
Ole Morten ?ian.

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