Printing with lpr VS printing with lp

Printing with lpr VS printing with lp

Post by Kirby Vandivo » Tue, 21 Feb 1995 05:34:44

Our unix server on campus uses lp to print with.

Since os/2 tcp/ip prints with lpr, I have been trying to get this to work.

I can give it a printer, and print the file, and all appears fine.  However,
all that I can manage to accomplish is 'disable'ing the printer.  I then
have to re'enable' it, but it still doesn't print out the file.

My guess is that lp and lpr don't expect the same things at the beginning of
the file, and lpr is sticking something on there that is screwing lp (and
thus, the printer) up.

Am I way off base, and more importantly, does anyone know of a way to fix
the problem?  Many thanks,

Kirby Vandivort


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I'm trying to print from OS/2 V4 (FP5) to a Linux box running LPRng using
LPR. I've got the latest LPR from but I'm still unable
to print. I get the following error message:

The entire document was sent. server reports the error: lp: file
'cfA450tp760.vcc.com112' name format not [cd]f[A-Za-z]NNNhost LPR failed with
return code -20011.

Any ideas?


- Christian

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