Slow floppy access with OS/2?

Slow floppy access with OS/2?

Post by Ronald Jon » Thu, 03 Dec 1992 11:12:26

I'm using OS/2 on a clone with an integrated IDE floppy and I/O
controller. Its a real cheapy ($25) but I have never had any
hardware problems with it. However, under OS/2 diskette access seems
very slow and hogs the WPS for a long time.
I've also had some lock ups if I try to access it repeatedly. Has
anyone experienced similar problems? Is this a bug? I'm using the


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1. Slow Floppy Access

Has anyone else had a problem with Warp and VERY VERY SLOW
access to the floppy drive? When I say slow, I mean VERY slow,
like >30 sec for a DIR to complete.

Also, when I stick a diskette in and type DIR <Enter>, I get
an error saying that the device is not ready and I get a list
of options such as "Retry" or "Return error code to app". If
I select "Retry", I don't get the error message, but access is
very slow as described above.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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