OS/2 2.1 for Windows and OS/2 2.1 'full pack'

OS/2 2.1 for Windows and OS/2 2.1 'full pack'

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How to see the difference between the above ..

I have OS/2 2.1 UK v.2.11 - ordernr. 93G5987 - this is said to be the fullpack -
22 disks
and I have OS/2 2.1 UK for Windows - v.2.1 - order 82G2733. - 20 disks

Does anybody know whether the order-nr 93G5987 indeed belongs to the

Also, does the full-pack has the same installation-procedure as Warp?

Rgds/Marcel Wulffraat.


1. OS/2 2.1 for Windows: I can't run Windows stuff!

: A few months ago I set up OS/2 2.1 for Windows.  At the time, everything
: worked reasonably well, I could run evertything I wanted to.  Then just
: recently Windows programs won't run.  I must have changed something to
: cause this change, but I dunno what I did.  When I click on a windows app
: (if it is set up for windowed mode), it goes shadowed for a few seconds, my
: hard drive clatters away, and then nothing.  It goes un-shadowed, and
: everything is normal again, and my program is not running, but it doesn't
: lock up or anything.  When I try this with a Windows program set up for
: full-screen, my display goes to a full-screen dos prompt, runs a program
: (whch I presume to be winos2.com), and then it tells me "Can't find
: Fdisplay.drv" or words to that effect.  I've tried re-installing OS2,
: re-installing Windows (it's on a separate FAT partition, drive c:), and
: re-installing Win/os2 support.  The problem persists.  I've searched for
: this file fdisplay.drv everywhere, and I can't find it...which, I guess,
: shouldn't be a surprise.  I don't know where it would be...is it an os/2
: file, a windows file?  I've checked my windows CD rom and it's not there.
: In case it matters, I'm on a 486DX2/66 with 8 megs, and, uhhh...I'm running
: Boot Manager...with two (three if u count the boot manager) partitions, a
: 50-meg Dos/windows partition and a 275-meg HPFS OS/2 partition.  
: --

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Fdisplay.drv is a string in the "boot description" of both system.ini and
sysini.w31 files of your \windows directory. It points to the kind of
fonts you use for your Windows desktop.
You can run windows Setup and change the fonts or you may have to reinstall
Windows first, then OS/2 (you may also miss some other display drivers).
Before doing that, you may want to look at the relevant lines in
these two files (with an ASCII/text editor).

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