Windows for Workgroups & LanServer

Windows for Workgroups & LanServer

Post by Yan Ave » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 01:51:13

Greetings all,

I was wondering, I currently have an OS/2 LanServer with about 10 DOS client
machines hooked to it using DosLan Requester. These 10 clients also run
Windows configured with the following windows network option:
'IBM LanServer without API support'. This setup works just great.

Now, my problem is that I want to replace Windows by Windows for Workgroups
and use all the networking features this product offers like: msmail, phone,

I want to have the peer/peer networking services offered by Workgroup but
I don't want to loose my LanServer access since that's were all the central
files are located... Can both co-exist within Windows? I know both use
Netbios so I have a strong believe that there must be a workaround. If
someone knows about this, please reply or send private email at:

Thank you...

Yan Avery,
Laurentian Bank of Canada.
(514) 284-7254