help - tcpip on os2 not working anymore

help - tcpip on os2 not working anymore

Post by Jason W Bla » Fri, 16 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Greetings. Before I get started, I apologize if this post gets off
topic. The solution to my problem, if one can be found, could relate to
any of the newsgroups that this is cross-posted to. The problem could
lie with OS/2, tcpip, my network, or some combination of the above. This
is a long post, but if you are technically inclined with respect to
networks, please give it a read. Thanks.

I have recently lost the ability to use tcp\ip on my system. If
anyone can help me resolve this, I would be eternally grateful. My system is
as follows:
        IBM PS/2 57 SLC2, 16M RAM, 212M HD
        SMC Ethercard PLUS Micro Channel Adapter
        OS/2 3.0 w/ Win-OS/2 (Blue)
        Novell NetWare requester for OS/2 v.2.11
        IBM Communications Manager/2 v.1.1
        IBM TCP/IP v.2.0
        IBM Web Explorer, march beta
        the latest patches/CSD's have been applied

My clients and I are connected to an Ethernet network with coax connections.
The protocols we use are 802.3, 802.2, ethernet_ii, and tcp/ip. Initially, our
connection to the university network was routed through a CISCO router. All of
the software on the PC was installed, configured, and working properly. Our
local network was recently changes to FDDI. We added a CISCO smart hub
between the router and our network. Our one ethernet line has now been
replaced by 6 lines, each having its own purpose. There should not have been a
noticeable change to any of us, except maybe for a more stable connection.
Of course you know where this is leading. Five other people and myself are on
an OS/2 platform, and the rest of the users on the network are using a
DOS/Windows environment. After the switch, the six OS/2 stations lost the
ability to use any tcp/ip based software. I checked all of the settings on the
machines to see if any were related to the change made in the network, but
everything appears to be setup correctly. (All of our Novell and IBM Mainframe
access is still functional.) All of the DOS/Windows clients did not notice a
change in their systems. We had our communications group on campus put a
sniffer on the line by my workstation. I tried to ping the router and the smart
hub from my station. The signal from my PC got to each place ok, and the reply
was being put on the line back to the PC ok, but the PC would not detect the
signal. We didn't analyze the packets to see if the return address was correct
or not. By the way, if it helps anyone who is following me this far, the new
hub has an IP address and can be telnetted to for programming, but it is
supposed to be a store/forward device and should not change the packets that
go through it. The only thing that ping could get a response from is a
loopback ip address ( So far, between the communications people and
myself, we do not know if the problem is with the smart hub, with IBM TCP/IP,
OS/2, or possibly LAPS(which configures the network card). I have also tried
Novells LAN Workplace(their tcp/ip product) for OS/2, and it is not working
also. I am inclined to believe that the new hub that was installed is the
cause of the problem, but because I am in an OS/2-hostile environment, I need
some help to prove this. Until the problem is resolved, we can use dual-boot
run tcp/ip based applications from DOS, but if anyone can help resolve this
problem, that would be great. My apologies for making this post so long, but
I want to give as much background as possible. Please post answers here or
email me if you have any ideas. Also, email me if you need any more info
from me. Many thanks in advance ......  Jason

Jason W Blair                   ADP Center systems team


help - tcpip on os2 not working anymore

Post by Tony Ra » Sun, 25 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Take care that the 802.3 setting for your interface matches what is
used on your lan (most ethernets do not use 802.3 ("-802.3") and that
is the default.  This is usually specified in tcpip\bin\setup.cmd on
the "ifconfig lan0" statement.



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