Teac 56e on SB AWE 32???

Teac 56e on SB AWE 32???

Post by Fredrik Yngstr » Thu, 11 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I cant get my Teac cd56e to work on my SB AWE 32 ide connector. Does
anyone know how to make it work??


1. SB AWE 32 & MIDI

I am using the AWE32 sound card with OS/2.  I just purchased a keyboard
with MIDI connectors.

How do I set up the MIDI port in os/2?  Is there an MPU401 driver I
need?  What port & irq would apply (in hardware settings, the sound card
uses irq7, ports 220, 300, 620, e20,100, dma1&7)?

Any good native os/2 programs that enable one to compose/edit?

Thanks in advance.

// Matt DeCaro

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