CD Writer Software

CD Writer Software

Post by Dave » Sun, 22 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I just got a CD-R (Hi-Val aka: JVC)  Does Gear Support it?
What good?  I don't need the world, just basic archiving
and maybe some audio recordings.  I have the included
Win 3.1 and Win95 software (Easy CD?) and it seems pretty
nice. (thuogh I would have liked a hardcopy manual for it
(tough reading a monitor in bed :)

Anyone have any tips? (before I trash a stack of ROMs? :)


1. Free CD-Writer Software

There is a new CD-Writer Software for OS/2 available, it's the Linux port of

to get informations about the OS/2 Version of CDRecord!

The port is freeware and available under the GPL



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