Division of Newsgroup

Division of Newsgroup

Post by d.. » Fri, 20 Dec 1991 22:42:59

> How about a comp.os.os2.newusers???  A place to ask all the stupid questions ;)
> which take up a large part of this group.

The problem is that almost nobody would read it...


Division of Newsgroup

Post by Evan Champi » Sat, 21 Dec 1991 12:38:44

I did a bit of brainstorming, and this is what I've come up with:


(all the old groups, would stay pretty much the same, just some of the things covered in them would be moved to the new groups:)


Comp.os.os2.misc would now be responsable for anything that isn't covered anywhere else...  I was thinking about a comp.os.os2.superior or something for anyone who wanted to do Windows bashing or anything like that, but then I figured, theres going to be windows bashing etc. everywhere anyway, so whats the point <grin>

Comp.os.os2.source was my latest idea...  I believe there is ones for Unix, so why not OS/2?  A place to put up source, people can comment on it, maybe help you get it just right...  Might help to start a new generation of OS/2 shareware, an area that is sagging quite a bit.

Another idea could be Comp.os.os2.newprod or something like that, a forum where companies can get some free advertising for new and wonderful OS/2 products.

I think the best idea is still the comp.os.os2.bugs or something like that where CSDs could be put up.  By seeing how many people are using OS/2 1.30.1 with a CSD of 5015 or so compared to the new 5050, it shows that CSDs don't get out much.

Oh, I forgot to put in comp.os.os2.hardware in my list.  Anyway, I welcome any criticisms.


Evan Champion


Division of Newsgroup

Post by Ade Bark » Fri, 20 Dec 1991 11:55:55

The way things are going, we will need a comp.os.os2.make-news-group
newsgroup !  :)

I'd suggest that someone who are knowledgeable in this area volunteer to
compile a list of "requests" and come up with three or four most promising
news group divisions to be voted upon. I'd volunteer myself, (since I
do have all the free time in the world) but I'm definitely not
knowledgeable about the official creation process.

So, sometime soon, someone please say "I volunteer... reroute all newsgroup
mail to me !" If not, I'll do it.





Division of Newsgroup

Post by Ray Thornto » Sat, 21 Dec 1991 15:20:55

> How about a comp.os.os2.newusers???  A place to ask all the stupid questions

I second that.
-Just another, waiting for March, Ray