backup print servers

backup print servers

Post by Mike Waterhou » Tue, 24 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Our system at work  consists of seven IBM servers running lanserver with
14 network printers ( each server handles print ques for two ethernet
connected printers) . Our problem is that when one of the servers goes
down the users assigned to the printers on that box cannot print.  Is
there a way to assign backup print servers on Lan Server avoid this
problem ( similar to the BDC's)


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Has anyone actually got an external print server to work with Warp?

I have one warp box, one ECS box and one solaris box
I also have a netgear ps104 hub which is 4 RJ45 and a parallel socket.
The printer is a HP laserjet 4L

The hub can function as a LPD server.

1) Printing ASCII text from either os2 box works but each print job is preceded by a page

2) Printing from the solaris box works for ASCII text but does not produce the extra page.

3) Neither OS can write anything that is graphical - printer either prints nothing or a couple of
reams of hex data.

4) I tried lprmon instead of lprportd and that prints ASCII & graphical data but the quality is
absolute crap.

5) Would I be better of trying a PS printer? Or, as I am inclined to do, forget the whole thing? :-)



Dave Saville

NB switch saville for nospam in address

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