misc question

misc question

Post by Don Hawkins » Thu, 06 Apr 1995 04:00:00

l>    Second, I can't start ms-windows application without starting
l> an win-os2 session. Otherwise my computer hangs and I have to
l> reboot. Is it possible to start windows application by just
l> clicking on their icon ?

It sounds like you have a different resolution set for windows and
your OS/2 desktop. They must be using the same video mode.




1. Okay...Sticky Pads? + misc questions.

      If I'm running os/2 3.0 for Windows, where/how can get this sticky pad m
ini-app that people have mentioned?  It seems that it was on os/2 2.11, and _mi
ght_ be on Warp fullpack.  I haven't applied the fix-pack yet, but someone said
 that it was not there either.   I _do_ have a complimentary CD for 2.1 (2.11?)
 that I never used, is there anyway to get it off this?
    Even better, is there _any_ other commercial/shareware sticky pad app?  (ye
a, I seem kinda hung up on this, but it would be _really_ useful to me)  I've l
ooked, but haven't been able to find anything...

 *   On that note, what other apps come with fullpack that are not in os/2 fo
r windows (if any)?

*   Another question, this might be more suited to *.setup, but I'll throw it
out here:)  Does the fix-pack for os2 need it's Extended Attributes?  The reaso
n I ask this is because I don't have a modem at home and any ftp'ing I do has t
o be done at my university.  As the zip file won't fit on HD 3.5, I would have
 to unzip it and copy each of the images onto its own floppy.
I just don't have the time at this point in the semester to deal with a screwed
up computer so I'm kinda hesitant.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

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