WANTED: ANSI editor for OS/2

WANTED: ANSI editor for OS/2

Post by dR.Da » Sun, 30 Jun 1996 04:00:00


I'm working on setting up an OS/2-based BBS (Adept XBBS) and most of the
screens are formatted in ANSI, but I've not yet found a native OS/2 ANSI
text editor.  Does anybody know of one?

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1. OS/2 Native ANSI Editor (*Is* there such an Animal??)

 Looking for an OS/2 Native ANSI editor...Something on par with
a DOS app (yuk) called TheDraw. Features such as the ability to
convert and use ATM type FONTS and load files longer than 100
lines long would be nice.

 Is there such an animal out there in Cyberspace???

Thanks in advance,


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