FontFolder 2.1 Bug Fix

FontFolder 2.1 Bug Fix

Post by Cliff Cull » Thu, 09 May 1996 04:00:00

FontFolder 2.1 has a bug that can cause a SYS3175 error when you close a
tear-off font sample window under certain conditions. I have uploaded with the fix to the following sites and will get it to the rest
ASAP. In the mean time, do not close the tear-off windows individually. The
windows will close properly when you close the browser.

Sites with

        BMT Micro:

Sorry for the trouble.

Cliff Cullum [FontFolder]


1. FontFolder 2.1 Bug Fix Available

(I thought I posted this once, but if it appeared I haven't seen it so I'm
posting again.)

FontFolder 2.1 has a bug that can cause a SYS3175 error under certain
conditions when closing individual tear-off windows. Version 2.1A with the
bug fix is now available on all the usual sites. In particular, you can get
it from BMT Micro, either their Web site

or via ftp

In the mean time, you can avoid the bug in 2.1 by not closing individual
tear-off windows. Leave them open until you close the browser. This will
close the tear-off windows correctly, avoiding the bug.

Cliff Cullum [FontFolder]

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