Help. How to set NumLock from PM program

Help. How to set NumLock from PM program

Post by havk.. » Mon, 05 Aug 1996 04:00:00

How do I set the NumLock from PM.

I'm running Borland C++ 1.0

Thanks a lot !


1. Editing setting of a PM program.

When I edited the icon settings for a PM program I selected default (to use
the default) icon for this program. It didn't have an icon so OS2 displayed
the blank page icon on the notebook settings page and the program icon (the
one with a title bar) in the close box of the settings window.

They should have both been the program icon. Does anyone else get this?
Does anyone understand what I'm saying?
If this is a bug will IBM become aware of it because I am posting it here?

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