Can't shutdown, so I can't change wps!!!! help!

Can't shutdown, so I can't change wps!!!! help!

Post by Ben Barre » Tue, 08 Jun 1993 00:46:10

OK, OK, i admit, this was probably talked about a LOT before, but I'm on
a loaner video card.
running the Dec beta until I get golden....
for some reason, I can't shutdown.
I mean it tries to, but it seems to get in a cycle where it's locked
while trying to shut down.
my ini files....  it won't save any wps configuration changes, and for
some reason deleted almost ALL objects.
well, folders are still there.
but important things like system setup, well, all OBJECTS in SYStem
folder (icon) except other folders and templates.
fortunately I still have templates, so I can Make a program item, run
cmd.exe (OS/2 command line) and start dos(, windows session
or programs, or OS/2 programs.
So I can still run all my programs, it's just insanely annoying to have
to wait forever for chkdsk, then create this cmd.exe, then run what i
want to!!!!!
should I re-install?
I'm running at 800x600x256, and the system is much slower overall than my
local bus S3 card I had earlier, even tho I was just using the standard
VGA driver (640x480x16)!  - not an S3 driver either.

anyone else got this problem figured out?
Ben Barrett


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