Syquest scsi removable drive under OS/2

Syquest scsi removable drive under OS/2

Post by ADNAN Sarm » Thu, 06 Feb 1992 03:26:56

Does any one have any experience with "Syquest" removable SCSI
cartridge drives (88 MB) on OS/2 1.3 and/or 2.0.

I am looking at getting one of these and need to know if
they work under OS/2.

Any information would be appreciated.



1. Syquest 270 MB removable drive and Adaptec 1540 C SCSI adapter in OS2


I have a problem with my OS2 setup. I can not access my syquest drive from OS2.
My cofiguration is a Syquest attached to an Adaptec 1540C SCSI interface. OS2
has installed the SCSI device, I can see my Syquest as drice G, but can not
access it (message invalide media). It is as if the Syquest was a floppy

Any suggestions are wellcome

please email


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