WE & Archie kill SLIP&PPP why?

WE & Archie kill SLIP&PPP why?

Post by johns.. » Fri, 31 Mar 1995 04:00:00

I am using slip and ppp to my school.  Whenever I start up slip or ppp
everything works fine as long as I dont send a lot of dat(continuous) to
my host.  If I start to ftp to my host to upload it dies and says it
cannot resolve any more host names and stops sending data.  The same
thing happens with WE.  I can start it but when i select a site to go to
the whole slip/ppp connection dies :(
Any clues as to why?
yes xon/off is disabled :)
The same setup works for another school and another provider.  However
internet Chamelion works fine with my school as does netscape :(

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