How do you control settings for sessions started from WINOS2?

How do you control settings for sessions started from WINOS2?

Post by George Whi » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

A couple things I do require fine control over the settings of DOS
sessions started from WinOS2.  My environment:

OS/2 2.11 fillpack
4OS2 and 4DOS installed

If I run the following batch file from WinOS2, I find that the batch files
runs under OS2\MDOS\COMMAND.COM with the default memory settings (e.g.,
2M EMS, 2M XMS, etc.):

mem /c |more

The only mechanism I have found that might allow me to change this
(more memory for DOS programs that won't run in 2M, less memory to test
programs that need to run in tight memory) is the "start" command in
4DOS.  Have I missed something?  Can the OS/2 default settings be
changed?  Why does WinOS2 change comspec back to and how do I
get it to use the comspec that uses 4DOS like all my other DOS sessions?



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seems to effect these "non-ICON" sessions.

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