CMD objects not working in WPS anymore

CMD objects not working in WPS anymore

Post by Raphael Tennenba » Sun, 25 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Very strange: a few weeks ago I noticed the icon for many of my
text objects had changed to a hammer and screwdriver, but since
double-clicking on most of them still called up e.exe, it didn't
much matter.  But now I've found that not only doesn't
double-clicking on objects with the .cmd extension not run the
program in an OS/2 window, the "Program" option seems to have
disappeared from the "Open" selector for nearly all these items'
popups (a few are still working).  Can anyone explain to me what
happened, and how to fix it?  I know I can make templates out of
.cmd objects, but -- did something change in the WPS when I
wasn't looking?  I wonder if something happened when I installed
and then backed out of FP32.

I found this out, btw, while I was poking through the latest
version of ExCal -- pretty nice little application there.  I
noticed when I hit the help key about attaching an application, I
got a very interesting little note about classes and Feature
Setup or something.  Interesting, but unfathomable.

Ray Tennenbaum


1. DLS v5.0 NET SHARE cmd doesn't work (anymore)

We upgraded our student lab recently from dual-boot DOS/Warp (Red) and
LAN Server 4.0 Entry to dual boot DOS/Warp Connect (Red) and Warp Server

We ask the students at some point to run the DOS LAN Requester and do
some NET commands, check out NETGUI, etc.  We used to have them pair up,
and each would NET SHARE a directory with the other.

Now when we attempt to do it, we get an error of NET2761 - "This command
requires that you have local administrator privilege".  It will also
prompt (first) to start Peer services if it hasn't already been started,
and Peer seems to start OK.

We didn't get this message before - it just worked.  I even tried it as
a Domain Admin, and also used User Acct. Mgmt. to make the (normal) user
ID into a "local admin" - same results.

Also, I used to start Peer services by just typing "PEER".  Now it gives
me a blank line and then the DOS Prompt again.  NET START PEER seems to
be the only way now to start it.

Any hints/tips/questions before we go back to the old version of DLS?

Thanks.  Details are as follows:

MS-DOS LAN Manager Protocol Manager v1.1
3Com NDIS driver 3C59X v.102
IBM Network Support Program v1.38
IBM DLS Driver v5.0
MS DOS LAN Manager Netbind v1.1

NET Config command results:
        Machine ID:             T214-17
        User ID:                W4325
        Software version:       IP08000
        Requester version:      5.00
        Requester root dir.:    C:\NET
        Requester domain:       T214_DOMAIN

Bart Oleksy
NAIT Computer Systems Technology, Edmonton AB Canada

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