lost os2/win connection...help

lost os2/win connection...help

Post by j.. » Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I recently upgraded my motherboard (plus some other stuff) and managed to lose
my integration with MSSY-windows.  When I click on a windows program icon,
it grays for a second and then returns to its original state.  Nothing else
happens.  I'd like to get it back without re-installing.  Any suggestions?


Jeff Koke, KK4SN

Chesapeake VA


1. Help!: I lost my WIN-OS2 Windowed Sessions!

      For some reason that I don't understand I have suddenly lost my ability
to run Win-OS2 in a windowed session.  I have no trouble running it Full
Screen, but attempts to run a windowed session result in a hang requiring a
Process Commander kill.
       In fact, "Win-Os2 Window" is greyed out when I attempt to create a new
program and "Win-OS2 Window" is now missing from my command prompts.
       I don't know when this happened.  Perhaps a few fixpaks ago (I'm
running Warp4, Fixpak 11).
       Can anyone help me restore my WIN-OS2 windowed sessions?
        Thanks for any ideas.

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