Comdex/Canada Review

Comdex/Canada Review

Post by Mark Kovars » Fri, 16 Jul 1993 02:26:19

So here wer go...

I attended yesterday the Comdex/Canada show which is currently under
way here in downtown Toronto. The show goes on from July 13-15 and is
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Even before I entered the doors of the show, IBM and OS/2 was EVERYWHERE.
Outside in front of the entrance there was a big truck parked (like the
one in the Movie "Over The Top" with Silvester Stallone) with the IBM
logo and huge OS/2 logo. While approaching the gates I saw all those
people carrying OS/2 bags and IBM boxes. At first I thought that IBM
was giving away free Laptops <g> but that wasn't the case. Once you
walk in, all that you would see is OS/2 and IBM bags. This is by no
means exaggerated but about 80% of the people had those blue IBM
executive-like cases and of course I had one. As a matter of fact,
I was constantly asked by people where to get those. IBM had two
areas, one on the buttom floor in the LAN area and another one floor
above with displays of C Set++ (Show special for $99 Cnd. for the CD),
PS/2 Server 295, P2P, and MUCH more. Downstairs the area was full with
people trying out OS/2 in the Test Drive area. Companies like Dell and
other clone manufacturers had OS/2 installed on their machines. OS/2 2.x
was also visible at the Networking areas. Watcom was at the OS/2 booth
with their OS/2 products: Watcom C/C++ and VXRexx. Students can
receive Watcom C/C++ for US$199. VXREXX is $125 Cnd. until September
30th 1993. I had talked with the fellow who was presenting it and he
has shown me some multimedia demos done with VXRexx and some database
related programs that were also done with VXRexx by a co-op student at
Watcom one day priour to the show. According to the Watcom Rep. the
student didn't have any knowledge of REXX or databases, so when he asked
him to do this thing, the student ran out of the room. A few hours later
he came back with the basics, after some enhancements were added, and later
on they had a complete program. Overall I thought that the package is very
affordable and usable especially for those people who do not want to learn
C/C++. I also talked to the US Manager from Borland. According to him, an
OS/2 Borland C++ updates is expected in September. Price: Around $25.
I also talked to the people that make Crosstalk Mk.4 and according to them
we might see the OS/2 version in a very near future (no exact dates). IBM
had people giving away free information, OS/2 2.1 demo disks and much more.
They had also IBM T-Shirt for sale. Unlike other companies, they were
actually the only ones that were giving away so many things. The IBM areas
were the busies by far (compared to DEC, HP, Microsoft). As a matter of
fact, some of the displays I couldn't get to because there was a line up
to see them. I didn't know that there were that many OS/2-Interested
Developers there but I couldn't get a good luck at C Set++ because there
were constantly people around, trying, asking questions and all the
other things that you do at the show. Like many other shows, the Test
Drive Area was loved by people. The only other company that had such a
thing was SUN, who had also a very nice set-up. DEC was there with their
Alphas (starting at $8000 for entry-level basic system) running NT. DEC
is surely hoping that NT will give them the boost that they wanted
because since the Alpha introduction last year, DEC has shipped only
1000 Units. They were showing benchmarking tests with a 486/Pentium/
Mips 4000 and all those kind of things. Even though I like DEC, I was
not impressed with the presentations at all. And the crowd was
relatively bored with those benchmark tests, especially since most users
attending there were home/office users where $8000 for a basic machine
is still a very expensive investment. WP was there showing their products
including WP 5.2 for OS/2. Computer Associates were there with their OS/2
line of products. There were many companies in the LAN Area that had OS/2
products. Microsoft was there with a few NT stations but no area to try
the machines out. Ballmer was giving a speech when I was there with talks
about the future (Future? What future? <g>) and "the vision." Basically,
very boring stuff and always the same. And this is what REALLY surprised
me. Folks, if you think Microsoft knows marketing, I challenge anybody
to attend the show and see for yourself what IBM can put on. This time
IBM basically emberassed Microsoft. Especially since Comdex/Canada is
a show combined of Windows World and LAN Expo but all you could see
was IBM and OS/2. Harvey Lewi and all the other people there at IBM
deserve a lot of credit for putting such a thing together. Before you
ask, I have not seen Workplace OS but I saw many other interesting
things from IBM and other companies.

This is a rather short summary of the event but I think it shows that
IBM has truly changed. IBM knows marketing very well and they are
showing it now. Overall a great performance and a big boost to OS/2.
I think that IBM has more up their sleeves and that this is just
the beginning...

Best Regards,
Mark K.


Comdex/Canada Review

Post by Kenton Shave » Fri, 16 Jul 1993 06:04:58

Quote:> [ Mark K.'s post about Comdex Canada...]

A BCOS2 upgrade pack in, projected, September?  That's good news





 >>  That sound you hear is the voices of hundreds of Team OS2
 >> members as they get pumped for the biggest event of the year -
 >> Fall Comdex, a.k.a. Victory In Vegas! They'll be coming from all
 >> over the planet: the wheat fields of Canada, the fjords of
 >> Denmark, the neon-lit streets of

 n> The last time I checked the map Dennmark showed no signs of
 n> having fjords. :-) Now, if you really want to see fjords -
 n> Norway is  the place to go. And we are only ca 60Km (37 US
 n> miles) north of Dennmark  :-) :-)

(*LAUGH*)  Steve, he got you GOOD here!!!!   This gets back for your singing
"knights of the round logo" once too many times ;-)  It's back to school for
you (*grin*)

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